A virus sweeps the UK at lightning speed, killing all men in 24 hours.

Despite panic in Northern Europe, with people fleeing south, the virus is confined to the U.K.. All transport links are quickly shut down, destroyed or quarantined.

It emerges that there is one survivor: Howard Simmonds, a 26-year-old firefighter and the grandson of Sir Francis Simmonds, world-renowned virologist and the creator of the Y-Virus (so-called because it attacks the Y-chromosome).

Driven by the murders of his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter (Howard’s parents and sister) and the subsequent male perpetrators’ escape from justice, Sir Francis has come to the conclusion that the male gender is responsible for the world’s problems and will ultimately lead the Earth to destruction.

Sir Francis delivers his ultimatums:

  • The world’s current male leaders, from Prime Ministers and Presidents to captains of industry and law enforcement officials
    must stand down.
  • Women must replace all of them.
  • All current wars must cease.
  • The world has one month to act.
  • If these demands are not met, more Y-virus will be globally unleashed.

What follows is a thrilling hunt for Sir Francis, while grandson Howard, who was unknowingly vaccinated by his grandfather, attempts to cope with life as the only man in a land of thirty million women.

Ultimately, the world is forced to agree to Sir Francis’s terms, but it’s unclear whether the planet will, ultimately, be changed for the better…

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